Have you asked yourself questions like:

  • What book could help me with what I’m struggling now?
  • What free talk or podcast should I listen to get some inspiration?
  • I think I should see someone. Should I see a coach or a therapist? Who?
  • I’m interested in a few online courses and workshops, but I can only afford taking one. Which should I choose?
  • I’d like to start a daily practice, but which one?

We have!

We’ve also spent lots of time researching for personal development resources, but that seldom made us feel informed and confident about our choices.

  • We found it difficult to compare between similar resources.
  • We sometimes doubted testimonials included on providers’ websites.
  • We looked in vain for a vast collection of resources, with reliable user reviews. All in one place.

We also wanted an online space to safely share our personal journey: our questions, doubts, struggles, and hopes. We’re active on several social media networks, but we didn’t feel comfortable sharing this part of our lives on these platforms.

We built Seekers Collective to host a community of seekers like us, where we can:

  • Find trustworthy guidance for our personal journeys.
  • Feel safe to share our stories and feelings.
  • Be part of a supportive community of like-minded people.

This is just the beginning.

Seekers Collective will only become the supportive community we have been looking for if we all share resources, personal stories and advice.

Help build the community you’d want to be a part of!

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