We spend our lives questioning the 

How, What, Where and Why of what we experience.

~ As children we question how things work or why things are the way they are. ~ As teenagers we question authority as we begin to understand rules and expectations. ~ As young adults we often wonder what we are supposed to do with our lives. ~ As we mature, we question whether we are doing what we are supposed to be doing. Where do we seek guidance during these questioning phases of our lives? Initially, we reach out to family and friends. As we get older and our musings deepen, we often seek guidance outside our immediate circle. This often leads to investigating resources such as books, podcasts, retreats, and coaches. We might find ourselves asking questions like: ~ What book could help me through this struggle? ~ What free talk or podcast should I listen to for inspiration? ~ Should I see a coach or a therapist? Who? ~ I’m interested in a few online courses and workshops, but I can only afford taking one. Which should I choose? ~ I’d like to start a daily practice to manage my anxiety, but which one? The good news is that there is a wealth of resources, and many of them are extremely helpful! The not so good news is that: ~ Resources are scattered across the web. Any resource is a Google search away, however to search for it we need to know what resource we’re looking for.   ~ It’s often difficult to compare between similar resources. ~ We sometimes doubt testimonials included on providers’ websites. As a result, researching for self-development resources can be time consuming and overwhelming. How can we be informed about self-development resources and choose with confidence? We’ve asked ourselves the same question. Our answer is Seekers Collective, which hosts a collection of self-development resources that like-minded people have personally tried and found helpful. All in one place. We call it Compass – because we hope it will guide you as you make choices for your journey! COMPASS is a two-way street: here you can FIND as well as SHARE helpful RESOURCES. Discover what has worked for others. On Compass you can: ~ Find a great coach, therapist or healer ~ Learn how a workshop changed someone’s life ~ Find a podcast or book to inspire you on your journey And so much more! Reading recommendations from others can save you time and money in your quest to find answers; these earnest reviews can also expose you to new ideas. Share your experiences and recommend resources that have helped you so far. ~ Guide other seekers toward helpful tools ~ Save them from wasting money on unhelpful resources ~ Provide confidence when choosing a resource you already tried and found helpful ~ Inspire them by reading your personal experience shared in the review. By sharing your experience, you’re helping other people looking for guidance, just like you. Let’s be each other’s guides and helpers, as we all journey on!