Seekers Collective is managed by a team of volunteers living in Sacramento, California.

Raluca Buzdugan | Founder, Community Architect, Editor
Melissa Pennel | Founding member, Social Media Maven, Content Designer, Editor
Katalyn Ford | Content designer, Moderator
Sheri Cervo Graciano | Content designer, Curator
Cavan Donovan | Curator, Moderator
Alex Kel-Artinian | Curator, Moderator

We’ve been looking for a community where we can feel safe to share our stories and find trustworthy guidance for our personal journeys. We have not found it, so we came together to bring it to life – and that’s how Seekers Collective came to be!

As the team overseeing the daily operations of Seekers Collective, we see ourselves as safeguards of the collective – we’re here to protect it. We are committed to helping build an online community that WE would like to actively participate in. A place where we feel safe and supported to share our personal stories. That’s our barometer!

We’re passionate about personal growth and want to help others thrive too. Seekers Collective brought us together! If you want to know more about our personal motivations and how we came to be involved in Seekers Collective, read our stories.

We continue to build our team. If you’d like to volunteer with Seekers Collective, contact us.

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