Transformation Retreat in Mt. Shasta

Awareness Institute

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Type: Other

Topics: Personal growth Self awareness Trauma & healing

Country:United States


City:Mt. Shasta

Imagine… a week – all to yourself – in the beautiful Mt. Shasta area. A time for rest, relaxation and reflection. The Awareness Institute Summer Workshop Series & Outdoor Retreat in the Mt. Shasta area will profoundly change your experience of yourself and your life. Our Summer Series is a comprehensive, experiential progression that moves you irrevocably through a process of deepening self-awareness. The journey, consisting of three residential weekend workshops over the course of two months, culminates with Level 4 “Transformation” – a week of profound, contemplative reflection in the beautiful setting of the Mt. Shasta area. This retreat, which also includes an in-depth cleansing of both body and mind starting in June, provides you with the ultimate space to deepen the unfolding awareness that emerges through your preceding workshops, supporting you to fully incorporate everything you’ve learned.


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