My journey to Seekers Collective truly started on my birthday.

Not my birthday last year, the year before, or even the year before that—but my actual day of birth—because I came into this world a pretty restless, discontent, screaming little dumpling.

That’s often how soul searching starts, right?

From an early age I had a feeling that something was missing: like there was a part of life and myself that I couldn’t quite grasp, but desperately needed to. My search for meaning at first equated to “more”: more sugar, books, TV, and friends—then later more boys, attention, and bottles of vodka. I read self-help books as I gobbled ice cream that I’d later force myself to throw up; I went to meditation classes drunk because I knew that otherwise I’d feel awkward.

I was gasping, running, and fumbling my way toward my own missing pieces: looking for anyone and anything that could make me feel just a little bit closer to whole.

Fast forward through some pretty tumultuous years of eating disorders, addiction, and relocations, and I finally arrived at a decidedly different leg of my journey…sobriety.

This major turning point in my life led me to an entire group of people who felt the same way that I did.

I found others who were also restless by nature: always wandering, asking, and seeking (often in the wrong places.) I found people who were finally forced to realize that the search is not outside themselves, but instead…within.

I began meditating again—this time I wasn’t drunk—and practicing yoga, attending energy healing workshops, and joining warrior women circles that met in backyards and sang over bonfires.

I met people who had faced inner turmoil like mine and grilled them for guidance: how do you find peace? How do you overcome fear? How do you cultivate a life of meaning?

I got a degree in psychology that helped me to understand the human condition; I found mentors, a therapist, and a coach to light my way.

Soon realizing that meaning was more than just something I was searching for—but something I wanted to help others find—I decided to open a coaching practice of my own.

Through the years I’ve compiled notebooks of quotes, lists of books, and scraps of paper with the names of teachers, authors, and practices that have been recommended.

I’ve always wished for a wider circle of “seekers” that were on paths both similar to mine and completely different: a wealth of knowledge and wisdom that I could collect, contribute to, and learn from.

And then I serendipitously met Raluca.

She shared the idea that had been nipping at her insides: a website where people could share what they’ve learned, how it’s helped them, and stories about what life is REALLY like.

I was all in.

We began excitedly discussing the need for this: how wonderful it would be if technology could allow people from all walks of life to come together and whisper intimate wisdom into each other’s lives. We dreamt of an honest online space, free of agenda and open to whomever might find it helpful…

And now here we are.

I hope that what you find here helps you further along in your own journey—wherever you may be going. I also hope that you’ll share what you’ve learned with all of us, because each and every contribution makes the hive mind buzz more powerfully.

I hope most of all that Seekers Collective will show you that you’re not alone on your path: none of us ever were. Perhaps the stumbles that we’ve all taken along the way were simply suitcases we were packing for those who would journey after us.

It’s here that you can open that suitcase of experience, and I truly hope you do.

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