I think I have always been intrigued by human nature, and have had a sincere desire to understand the thoughts and motivations of others. I was a happy, weird little kid who was easily distracted and often off in my own little world.

That left me at a bit of a disadvantage when I was interacting with other people; my intense and misguided kid-logic made me inscrutable to others and left me extremely confused about what they wanted from me.

Fortunately, I have been blessed with an ever-growing circle of incredible, kind, intelligent, and intuitive friends and family members who have helped me to communicate more accurately, and who share my hunger for constant self-refinement.

When Raluca shared her idea for Seekers Collective with our book club, it felt like a natural extension of the things that I want most in my life: a sense of community, intellectual stimulation, and a focus on personal growth.

I believe that human connection is necessary for a happy and healthy life. It is through our relationships to other people that we learn to be our best selves.

I work to move through the world with as much love, kindness, and grace as I can muster. I believe that people are generally doing the best that they can given their knowledge and resources, and am so thankful to be a part of a community that can help people cultivate those tools.

I am looking forward to working together with all of you to grow and clarify my own awareness and share as much love as I am able.

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