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Today’s conversation:

Think of something that frustrated you today. Is it worth fixing, or is it small enough to let go?

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It’s been a good day so far -No frustrations! I’ve had a challenging situation this morning but all I had to do is find a creative solution – and the problem disappeared 🙂 I’ll keep that in mind in case anything does frustrate me today… there might be a solution, i just have stay open minded


I just came out of a meeting where I was extremely frustrated. Same old problem, different day and nothing is changing. I can’t give up the fight, though, because I feel I am fighting for what is right (and best) for the organization. The slow pace of change is about killing me though.


Right now I’m frustrated with my mother. I’m frustrated because she’s angry with my step-sister over a small mistake that has already been rectified and said she no longer wants to speak with her. I think (hope) that this was a moment of anger and that it will pass, and if so I guess I’d call it small enough to let go, but honestly this whole thing has me anxious that anything I do or say to her could cause that level of hurt and I’m not really sure how to interact with her right now.

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