About Seekers Collective

What is a Seeker?
A seeker is anyone who is asking questions about life. Questions like ‘How do I live more authentically?’ or ‘How do I handle change?’ You don’t have to have found the answers and you certainly don’t have to be a guru… What matters is that you’re on a journey and you know it.
Who runs Seekers Collective?
Seekers Collective is run by a group of dedicated volunteers. You can learn more about us here.
Who decides what resources are included on the website?

Our guiding principle is to only include resources proposed by users who found them personally helpful.

Here’s how it works: Users suggest resources and reviews, which are sent to the Seekers Collective Team to review, to avoid duplicates and to ensure the accuracy of the information for each item. New resources are published on the website after they are approved by the Team. If a proposed resource is rejected, the user will receive an explanation.

How does Seekers Collective make money?
We’re not trying to sell you anything. And we don’t have ads. However, to become financially sustainable Seekers Collective participates in affiliate programs with Amazon, Sounds True and Hay House. This means that each time you purchase a resource via an indicated affiliate link, a small fraction of that cost goes to Seekers Collective – and it is much appreciated! This revenue helps us pay for recurrent costs to keep the website running.
How can I donate to Seekers Collective?
Thank you for considering donating for Seekers Collective! Please contact our Team and we will provide you with the necessary information.
Can I advertise on Seekers Collective?
Thank you for your interest. However, at this time we do not allow ads on Seekers Collective.
How can I receive updates from Seekers Collective?
To receive updates from Seekers Collective, please subscribe to our newsletter (at the bottom of the page).

About Your Account

Why should I join Seekers Collective?
Have you asked yourself questions like:

~ How can I learn to be more authentic with myself and others?

~ How can I be more mindful and introspective?

~ I’d like to start a daily practice, but where do I start?

If so, you’re in the right place… and we need your voice, too! This hive buzzes with collective wisdom that – together – can make the path of life a lot smoother.

Why do I have to create an account to participate?
Creating an account allows you to keep track of what you’ve shared and to maintain connections with other seekers. It also allows us to make sure that only users who share our values post content on the website – it’s what maintains the quality of the content and ensures that Seekers Collective remains a safe supportive online community. Signing up is easy and takes less than a minute! Click here to begin.
Who can see what I post?
All the content you post on Seekers Collective can be seen by anyone visiting the website. Do *not* post any information you’re not comfortable to have read by someone else. If you want to post sensitive information, but you do not want it linked to your name, please do *not* use your real name in your profile.
Who owns the content I post on Seekers Collective?
You own your content, but Seekers Collective has right of use. Specifically, when you post something on Seekers Collective, you grant us non-exclusive royalty-free rights to use Your Content for any purpose. If we ever use Your Content for a purpose other than to be posted on Seekers Collective (e.g., to be included in a promo review or anthology), we will contact you to let you know and give you the option to anonymize your content (in case your username includes your name).
Can I promote my products within my content contribution?
In order to maintain trust in Seekers Collective we do not allow self-promotion in posts or comments. However, you’re welcome to include your website or social media handle in your profile.
Why was my post/comment deleted?
Posts and comments that violate our rules of conduct and Terms of Use are removed by our Team of moderators. If you believe that your post was removed in error, please contact our Team.

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