From a young age I struggled with depression and a sense of grief, which made me feel isolated from people around me. I didn’t yet have the words or understanding to convey what I was going through and ask for help, so instead I coped with these feelings through books and video games. I became very passionate about both activities, which allowed me an escape from my depression at the time.

When I went to college I discovered drugs and alcohol; these substances gave me a way to find the oblivion I so desired. When I was drunk or high I was able (at times) to forget my depression… but this was just a temporary fix. Once the substance wore off I was back where I started, only with a hangover on top of it. I continued in this manner for years until… the running away from my feelings stopped working.

One day (after a long night of drinking) I hit a breaking point. I was deeply unhappy, and distracting myself with substances wasn’t effective anymore. It was then that I began taking the steps to live a sober life and figure out how to heal.

A key part of my journey was found in books that pertained to healing. I applied my childhood love of reading as I devoured books about processing depression, recovery, and living my purpose.

I read anything that gave me an edge in healing. My drive for knowledge led me to take classes and seminars to better understand myself. In these classes I met people that introduced me to others that further helped me on my way, including practitioners and teachers. My journey seemed to lead organically to what I needed at the moment, and only got better with time.  

Melissa was one of the people I met on my path to self-awareness. One day I ran into her at a coffee shop and she told me about Seekers Collective; it piqued my interest. It falls in line with what I’ve been doing for years: a website that compiles lists of books, podcasts and practitioners, all geared toward self-awareness and healing. I told her I’d love to help and here I am! I enjoy sharing what has helped me figure out my life and I’m excited to help other people find what they need to heal.

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