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Why Find and Share Resources?

How to be informed about self-development resources and choose with confidence? Check out Resources – where you can find and share helpful resources. So that we can be each other’s guides and helpers, as we all journey on!

Who Am I?

When we achieve our goals, we feel good about ourselves. When things don’t go as planned, we feel bad about ourselves. Here’s how asking “Who Am I?” can help us connect to our inner worth and escape this vicious cycle.

Five Reasons to (Re)write Your Story

We can’t change our past experiences, but the interpretation we give those experiences is within our power. It’s how we own our stories! Here’s Why…

What Are We (Really) Seeking?

Many can relate to the nagging feeling that there’s more to life, even when we have all (we think) we need. But what are we all (really) seeking? Here’s what those who have journeyed before us on this path have to say.

How to Build Your Courage Muscle

Your story is everyone’s story, your doubts are everyone’s doubts. Truly feeling that can help you build your courage muscle. Here’s how…

3 Misconceptions about Feelings

We often hear: ‘get in touch with your feelings.’ But that’s easier said than done, often because we misunderstand feelings and their role. Here’s how re-learning how to feel helped me.

In Pursuit of Happiness? Or Inner Peace?

Pursuing happiness or seeking inner peace are very different goals. We discuss the underlying assumptions, practices and tools of these life goals. What are You currently pursuing?

When Empathy Feels Out Of Reach

How do we relate to people whose lived experiences and understanding of the world are vastly different from our own? Here’s how I learned to empathize with a friend whose problem I could not relate to.