Growing up, I was raised by my mother in a very spiritual household. She taught me about meditation, doing readings, and how to focus my energy. All of these skills helped me feel centered and very connected to the universe around me. I was able to fall back on these skills whenever I felt overwhelmed or anxious.

When my parents got divorced when I was twelve, I thought that it was my fault – that I was not a good enough child. Soon after, I started to suffer from depression and anxiety. To help me get through this challenging time, my mother taught me guided meditation. She would guide me to focus my energy around my body to help cleanse whatever was affecting me. This was a practice that I maintained throughout high school.

Unfortunately, as I grew up, I fell out of practice. I moved away from my mom, finished college, and was on my own. I got caught up in generic adulting. When I started teaching as a career, I barely had time for anything other than work. Slowly slowly, I lost touch with my spiritual upbringing. A few times a year I would get the urge to return to my spiritual practice, but work and finances always felt more overwhelming while the creature comforts of TV and video games offered more immediate gratification.

My wife Kat told me about Seekers Collective after she joined the team. It reminded me of my younger years when I had a positive outlook on life. It felt like something that could bring me back to where I once was and then possibly to the next step. That’s how I knew that I wanted to be part of this project and do what I can to see it come to life.

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