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Today’s conversation:

Think of something you expect others to understand about you without being told. How could you communicate it directly?

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I like talking to people about what’s really going on in their lives, hearts and minds. I think that makes me seem nosy. But I wish people sense my intention to connect and to help each other heal. Well I guess I could tell people that more often – what’s the intent behind my questions, instead of expecting to be understood.


I know that in the past I have had a hard time expressing my feelings to others. I expect them to know that I’m coming from a place of love even when I’m not directly interacting with them, but of course when I do make sure to state my affection openly, the world just feels happier to me.


I’m truly an introvert, which shocks many who’ve known me peripherally. This is why I don’t often accept invitations to group events where there will be people. I’m have yet to find a comfortable way to share that with people that I don’t know very well

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